Friday, October 5, 2007

Starting Out

I'm very, very new this blogging thing, so bear with me. I've started this blog in order to keep all my book challenges together in one place, let people know what I think of the books I've read, and just basically enjoy reworking my books lists and fondling my book collection.

For the last several days I've spent more time making challenge lists than I actually have reading. Hopefully I can get this out of my system soon and I'll go back to my normal reading schedule. I'll start putting some of my challenge lists up tomorrow (if I can figure out how to do so).


Juliette said...

Hi Kristi - It is Julie from A Novel Challenge here! Well done with your blog. And yes it is quite normal to spend more time listing and computing than reading! It took me a while to really get going. Do you catalogue your books anywhere? Quite a few of us catalogue on I am juliette 07 there.
Enjoy your reading challenges!
Oxfordshire England

Kristi said...

So far, I've been cataloging my books in an Excel spreadsheet ;>0. I'm off to check out Librarything now, though. Looks very interesting. Thanks, Juliette!

MizB said...

Hey, Kristi! -- "Mizbooks" from "A Novel Challenge" group... LOVE the name you chose for your blog! And, it looks really great, so far! Good work!

PS.. I'm on LibraryThing, too... as "Mizbooks" (big surprise). ;-P

Mizbooks of Solely Books and the TBR Challenge.