Sunday, April 27, 2008

New-to-Me Book Blogs

Whoops, didn't make it back last night to post new blogs I'd found through Weekly Geeks - I was busy reading new book blogs! Anyway, here are a few that have caught my eye so far:

Bookworms and Tea Lovers - Samantha's doing the Book Around the World Challenge, too, and she has a great world map on her site that I think I'm going to have to steal ;>).

The Literate Kitten - a fellow writer and Sisters in Crime member (I write romantic suspense when I'm not writing kid's books - see below)!

So Many Books, So Little Time - we have many books in common.

The Inside Cover - a fellow freelance writer (I'm a children's science writer)!

Confessions of a Book-a-Holic - I just love the look of Stephanie's blog.

Rhinoa's Ramblings - Ditto - love the look. I also like books that have magic, witches, paranormal elements in them so I'm hoping to find some good recommendations.

Ravenous Reader's Bookstack
- a fellow Floridian with similar tastes.

These new book blogs will keep the ones I already enjoy reading company on my Google Reader. I've been reading these blogs for a while now:

The Hidden Side of a Leaf


Becky's Book Reviews

Maw Books Blog


I'm sure there will be more recommendations coming. People are still signing up for Weekly Geeks and you all know how one good blog leads to another...


Florinda said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today (via Weekly Geeks), and hope to see you there again!

I noticed you're from St. Pete - I grew up there (high school and college), but moved away in 1987 and haven't been back much since.

Becca said...

Thanks for visiting Bookstack! I've just put away the leftovers from lunch, but drive on over anyway ;)

And if you liked Interpreter of Maladies, you'd like the new collection. I highly recommend it.

Andi said...

Discover new blogs week? Oh no . . . I'll never get any work done.
but seriously, thanks for this list. It has some new stuff for me to fill my time pleasurably with. Thanks.

Becca said...

Wow, you really have been checking out other book blogs! I've been reading a few, but the weekend got away from me. Hopefully I'll have my weekly geeks post up soon.

And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! :-)

LisaMM said...

I'm familiar with a lot of these, but not all of them!! Thank you!

Maw Books said...

Thanks for visiting! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your blog better!

Samantha said...

Steal away! ;)

LK said...

Hey, great, thanks for including me on your blog! I look forward to visiting PftP again!

Kristi said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I'm going back to Dewey's list again tonight. Agh - it's never going to end is it? *LOL* Fun though...


Suey said...

Hey, I'm joining the party! Coming to you from Dewey's blog for my blog visiting assignment. Looks like you've been around awhile, mabye we've crossed paths before and I just can't remember? Anyway, you're going on my new-to-me post, 'cause I can tell right off I like your blog!

Stephanie said...

I just stopped by via the Weekly Geeks myself. Thanks for stopping my MY blog!! I have added you to my blogroll (I hope that's OK) and I also listed you in my Weekly Geeks post. Guess great minds think alike!!

You have a great blog!

Maree said...

I just decided to join the Weekly Geek; so I'm running behind. But ... hi! :)