Monday, September 29, 2008

Phantom Pleasures by Julie Leto

Title: Phantom Pleasures

Author: Julie Leto

# pages: 316

Date published: 2008

Genre: paranormal romantic suspense

Challenge(s): 888 Challenge (TARAn), Shelfari’s Readers of Romance Fall Challenge



Setting: Florida

First Sentence:

“His hand was shaking, as much from age as from fear, Paschal Rousseau, noted Romani scholar, shut the door to his study and said a silent prayer for more time.”

Back cover copy: Hotel developer Alexa Chandler lusts after the property she’s found off the coast of Florida—a haunted island complete with an abandoned castle she intends to convert into her premier luxury resort. Inside, a captivating portrait of a man calls to her, and she unwittingly unleashes the phantom that has been trapped within the painting.

Centuries ago, Damon Forsyth charged into a mysterious Gypsy enclave on a desperate mission, but was trapped inside a cursed painting by his mortal enemy. Since then, he has contemplated little but revenge—until Alexa is drawn to his lair. Though she has released him from the painting, Damon remains bound to the castle and needs Alexa to break the final barrier.

Random Thoughts: A fun, exciting read with great characters and unexpected twists that has me anxiously waiting for the rest of the series.

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Jeane said...

Never read a book about someone trapped in a painting. Unless you count The Portrait of Dorian Grey.