Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't Tell by Karen Rose

Title: Don’t Tell

Author: Karen Rose

# pages: 482

Date published: 2003

Genre: romantic suspense

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(highly recommended)

First Sentence(s):

“The sounds were soothing. The gentle beep of the monitors, the quiet scrape of nurses’ shoes on the tiled floor, muted voices in the corridors. She was lulled away from the pain into a restless sleep. Safe, she thought as she drifted away.”

What Is It All About? Seven years ago, Mary Grace Winters finds the courage to leave her abusive husband (who is also a cop…swell…) and make a new life for herself and her son in Chicago. Just as Caroline (aka Mary Grace) starts to feel safe and take a chance at new love with ex-NBA star Max Hunter, the North Carolina police find Mary Grace’s car at the bottom of a lake. Caroline has put her past behind her, but Max Hunter, the dreamy history professor she now works for, can’t seem to ditch his. He was driving the car when an accident ended his basketball career and killed his father. While the two of them try to work through this, Caroline’s husband is hunting—her, determined to reclaim his son and his wife, no matter who he has to kill to do it.

Random Thoughts: Wow…what a gripping book. I have one word for you—Sccaarrrryyyyy!! Caroline’s husband is just EVIL! Excellent story.

This is Rose’s first book and I’m so excited that she has others out that I can read! I’ve already started the next one, Have You Seen Her?. There is a reoccurring character in this second book and it is shaping up to be just as much of an edge-of-the-seat-nail-biter as Don’t Tell was. Ohhh, boyyy!!

Fun tidbits:

Recommended for readers who like: Gripping psychological suspense and villains you just love to hate

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