Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Hollow by Nora Roberts

Title: The Hollow

Author: Nora Roberts

# pages: 318

Date published: 2008

Genre: paranormal romance

Series: #2 in Sign of Seven trilogy

Challenge(s): Shelfari Readers of Romance Fall Challenge, Fall into Reading Challenge


(one of my favorites)

Setting: Hawkins Hollow, Maryland

First Sentence:

“On a bright summer morning, a teacup poodle drowned in the Bestlers’ backyard swimming pool.”

What Is It About? The Hollow is the second book in the Sign of Seven trilogy (the first was Blood Brothers and the last one, coming out in December, is called Pagan Stone).

The set up for the trilogy: Fox, Caleb, and Gage have been best friends forever and they share the same birthday—July 7, 1977. On their 10th birthday, the boys went into the woods that surrounds their hometown of Hawkins Hollow, preformed a blood rite, and accidentally released a demon that had been trapped there for centuries. Ever since that fateful day, every seven years, for seven days in July (the seventh month), the good people of Hawkins Hollow go crazy and attempt to maim or kill each other in anyway they can. To stop the demon, the men need to work with three women—Layla, Quinn, and Cybil—all of whom have a bloodline that runs back to the demon himself.

The Hollow is the story of Fox and Layla. Since that night in the woods, Fox has been aware that he can see what people are thinking. Layla shares this talent as well, but she’s more frightened of the gift than Fox is. Will Fox be able to help her come to terms with her power and teach her how to harness it before the seventh month is upon them?

Random Thoughts: As a rule, my favorite parts of Nora Roberts’ books are the characters and their dialogue. And The Hollow was no exception to this rule. Fox, Layla, and the others are all so well-drawn they feel like your friends (only wittier).

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