Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shelfari's Readers of Romance Spring 2009 Challenge


This challenge is sponsered by the Readers of Romance Challenge group on Shelfari. They have quarterly challenges. Here are the categories for the Spring Challenge which lasts from March 1, 2009 to May 31, 2009:

Spring Challenge March 1 – May 31

1. Read a Western (united States)- historical or contemporary -
Colter's Wife by Joan Johnston
2. Read a book set in Scotland- historical or contemporary -
The Presence by Heather Graham
3. Title contains Sun, Moon, or Stars (Moonlight, Starlight, etc, is ok!) -
Alligator Moon by Joanna Wayne
4. Title contains Angel or Devil -
Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah
5. Read any title by one of the first romance authors you ever read (or reread one of the first romance titles you ever read) -
6. Title or Cover makes you think of Spring -
Automatic Proposal by Kelsey Roberts
7. Readers Choice -
I’m Watching You by Karen Rose
8. Select a book that has been marked favorite or 5 stars from another group member's shelf. -
Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas - Cindy W. gives it 5 stars
9. Read an AAR top 100 title (list on allaboutromance.com, AAR Top 100 group, and the AAR Top 100 blog) -
Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie
10. Title contains the word "Secret" or “Lie” in it -
Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto
11. Read a title that was read and reviewed during the Winter Challenge -
Northern Lights by Nora Roberts rated 5 stars by Randi
12. read a book with a Romeo and Juliet type theme (feuding family/clan/etc): H/H have to be on opposite sides of the feud -
13. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 1 - Conspiracy in Death by J.D. Robb
14. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 2 - Loyalty in Death by J.D. Robb
15. Read a trilogy (or 3 books from same series) Part 3 - Witness in Death by J.D. Robb

My goal is to read at least 5 of these, but I hope to read more. We’ll see how it goes ;o). If anyone has a suggestion for #12, let me know. I have a question mark for #5 because I can't remember the author of the first romances I read. I mean, good grief, I started reading romances when I was about 12 and that's been...um...a while ago ;o).

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Sandra said...

I don't read romance but I loved the button so much I tried to come up with books that would qualify and couldn't. lol I stole the button anyway, have fun.