Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Track of the Cat by Nevada Barr


Track of the Cat
Author: Nevada Barr
# pages: 238
Date published: 1993
Genre: mystery
Series: Anna Pigeon (book #1)

First sentence(s):

“There hadn’t been a god for many years.”
What is it all about? Track of the Cat is the first novel of the Anna Pigeon series that are all set in National Parks across the US. In this novel, Anna has fled her sad past in New York City for the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas. While looking for signs of wild mountain lions, Anna stumbles across the body of fellow park ranger Sheila Drury. It appears as if Ranger Drury has been done in by one of the wild cats, but Anna doesn’t think so and sets out to prove that someone is setting the animals up to take the wrap.

Random thoughts: A solid mystery with a nice twist at the end. I like that all the books in this series are set in National Parks and have something to do with nature. I’m definitely going to read the rest of them. Here’s a list of the series books in order:

1. Track of the Cat (1993)
2. A Superior Death (1994)
3. Ill Wind (1995) aka Mountain of Bones
4. Firestorm (1996)
5. Endangered Species (1997)
6. Blind Descent (1998)
7. Liberty Falling (1999)
8. Deep South (2000)
9. Blood Lure (2001)
10. Hunting Season (2002)
11. Flashback (2003)
12. High Country (2004)
13. Hard Truth (2005)
14. Winter Study (2008)
15. Borderline (2009)

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Jeane said...

How cool. I've never cared much for mysteries, but I love books about nature- so if I ever want to try a mystery, I think I'll pick up one of these!