Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto

What a fun book! In Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto, Marisela Morales becomes a secret agent for Titan International. Forget the fact that she's just lost her job as a bond enforcement agent because she beat the tar out of one of her skips. Hey, he was a jerk!

Ian Blake, head of Titan's North American branch, doesn't care. He just needs a hot, little Latina to retrieve a kidnapped girl. But she has a few little problems with this idea: First, she's not sure Ian's on the up and up. Next, she has to work, intimately, with her ex, Frankie. And, finally, she's not altogether sure the girl is going to be glad to see them.

Oh well, no matter, she dives in anyway and what follows is a sexy, suspenseful adventure that takes the reader from Tampa to Miami to an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. I can't wait to catch up with Marisela and Frankie again in the second book Dirty Little Lies.



Icedream said...

Ooh, this sounds like fun. I wonder if it is part of a series? I am a fan of Sue Grafton, Karen Kajewski (etc.) novels but I need to find a new author I enjoy as much because it takes forever for them to release new books.

Kristi said...

Icedream - there are only two books in the series: Dirty Little Secrets and Dirty Little Lies. I like Sue Grafton, too. Will have to check out Kajewski, though. Never heard of her. Thanks for stopping by!