Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Review: You Can't Hide by Karen Rose

I loved it!

You Can't Hide
Author: Karen Rose
# pages:
Date published:
romantic suspense

What is it all about?
Detective Aiden Reagan and his partner are assigned to investigate what appears to be a suicide. When it turns out that the jumper is a patient of psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli's and that the doctor's figerprints are found all over the woman's apartment, Reagan is not surprised in the least. After all, it was Doctor Ciccotelli's court testimony that kept a child/cop killer out of jail not that long ago. Open and shut case.

But as Aiden gets to know Tess he realizes that she's not a cold-hearted killer. And when another one of her patients kills himself, Tess and Aiden have to work together to discover who hates her enough to destory her.

Random thoughts:

  • All I have to say is this: That ending -- WOW! Really wasn't expecting that! I loved it!
  • I read this 500ish page book in two days (well, three if the fact that I stayed up 'til 2am to finish it counts as an extra day). I have now come to realize that when I pick up one of Karen's books, my calendar needs to be bascially clear - 'cuase apparently it's rude to read at the dinner table when you've been invited to someone else's house (or so I'm told ;o)).
  • Aiden and his family first appeared in Karen's third book, I'm Watching You. So it was fun to revisit Abe, Kristen, Aiden's parents (Becca & Kyle), and his little sister Rachel. The whole Chicago PD team was back for this book, too. I love it when authors use recurring characters. It's like catching up with good friends. So I can't wait to dive into the next book - Count to Ten - they're all back in that book, too ;o).

Fun tidbits:

Karen Rose’s Website
List of books in order of publication (they stand alone, but if you like to read them in order like I do, here's your list):
  1. Don't Tell (2003)
  2. Have You Seen Her? (2004)
  3. I'm Watching You (2004)
  4. Nothing to Fear (2005)
  5. You Can't Hide (2006)
  6. Count to Ten (2007)
  7. Die for Me (2007)
  8. Scream for Me (2008)
  9. Kill for Me (2009)
  10. I Can See You (2009)
Recommended if you are: looking for nail-biting suspense with some romance thrown in.


Booklogged said...

I haven't read anything by Karen Rose yet but I did buy one of hers recently. Its good to read your positive review. I appreciate the list of books in order. Seems I need to buy a few more and read them before the one I have on the shelf.

Beth F said...

Wow. Strong recommendation... I'll have to add Rose to my list.

samantha.1020 said...

You've sold me on giving this author a try :) I think I'll try and read her books in order since they do have reoccurring characters. Great review!

Kristi said...

I hope you guys enjoy her work as much as I do ;o)!

Kim L said...

Great review! I don't read too many of these types of books, but it sounds like a real thriller!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I have a few Karen Rose books, but all unread so far. Thanks for the great review.