Thursday, September 10, 2009

Review: Crazy Hot by Tara Janzen

Title: Crazy Hot
Author: Tara Janzen
# pages: 403
Date published: 2005
Genre: romantic suspense
Series: Steele Street book #1

 Very Good

What is it all about? Regan McKinney, a serious, careful, not-a-wild-bone-in-her-body paleontologist, has a problem. Her elderly grandfather, Wilson McKinney, one of the most respected paleontologists in the country and her hero, has gone missing. Regan is extremely worried, but the police are convinced that he has just gone wandering in the Badlands looking for dinosaur bones just like he does ever summer. Regan knows that Wilson has been having trouble with his memory lately, but she is positive that he never would have forgotten to call her and he never would have missed his favorite annual speaking engagement. 

But all Regan has to go on is a mysterious note mentioning the once-troubled-teen-turned-military-hero Quinn Younger. Quinn quickly realizes that Wilson, his long-ago mentor, has been hired by his boss, the leader of a secret special-ops team, to examine a shipment of dinosaur bones being smuggled into the country by a ruthless arms dealer. Now Quinn has to rescue the older paleontologist while keeping the sexy one out of danger--all while keeping himself from being killed--or worse, from falling in love.
Random thoughts: This was a fun little action adventure story. It's got a nice, fast pace and the chemistry between the characters worked pretty well for me. But while I enjoyed reading Quinn and Regan's story, I was more intrigued with some of the secondary characters in the book--specifically Regan's sister, Nikki, and one of the other special agents, Kid Chaos. Book #4, Crazy Kisses, tells Nikki and Kid's story. But I'm interested enough in the rest of the Steele Street crew to read the other books in the series, too.
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