Thursday, November 12, 2009

Review: Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell

Title: Wild Blue Under
Author: Judi Fennell


 Very Good

What's it all about? Wild Blue Under is the second book in Judi Fennell's Mer series. In this one, Rod Tritone, heir to the Mer throne, must lose his tail and travel inland to Kansas. He's looking for a Mer princess named Valerie Dumere. Valerie has no idea that she is half Mer (or that the Mer kingdom exists at all). In fact, she's convinced that she is allergic to ocean water. Somehow, Rod must convince her that he's not insane and to come with him halfway across the country to claim her destiny.

My thoughts: Wild Blue Under is a very cute story. I enjoyed it quite a lot, but I have to say that I preferred the first book in the series, In Over Her Head. I think I liked In Over Her Head better because Ms. Fennell's  depiction of the ocean's inhabitants (think Finding Nemo and Shark Tales type characters) allowed her imagination and humor to really shine. My favorite scenes in Wild Blue Under, the ones that I thought really flowed, were also the underwater scenes and, overall, I found the story cute and charming. So, if you're looking for a couple of fun, light-hearted romances (or have someone on your Christmas list who needs some stress relief), I'd highly recommend both of these books.

I'm going sailing for the weekend, but Judi's graciously agreed to do a guest post about the way she writes and how the process has changed since she's been published. So check back in tomorrow to get a taste of Judi's humor, find out how to sign up to win a great romantic weekend on the Jersey shore or in West Palm Beach, Florida, and get a chance to win a copy of both of Judi's books.

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Judi Fennell said...

Thanks so much for the nice review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Rod and Val's story!