Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Reading Goals

The first of the year is always a time of reflection for me. I look back at what I've accomplished in the past year and decide what I'd like to work toward in the next year. This year I'm doing it again but I won't bore you with all my goals for this year, just the reading ones ;o).

Last year, I joined the Reading Resolutions challenge hosted by Jenny Loves to Read. And, though I didn't finish all the resolutions I set for myself, I did finish several and felt that listing my reading goals gave me something to shoot for. So, once again, I'm making a list of what I'd like to accomplish as far as reading goes this year.

In 2010, I read 130 books. I'm not going to try to beat that. It was all I could do to get that many read ;o). In fact, I'm going to lower that number just slightly to 125.

2011 Number of Books To Be Read Goal: 125

The rest of my 2011 goals relate to particular perpetual challenges I'm trying to finish (or at least get further along) or to the physical books on my bookshelves.

1. Read 125 books -- 0/125
2. At least 50 of those 125 books should come from my physical bookshelves -- 0/50
3. Read 3 books in 5 different series I’ve already started -- 0/15
4. Read 12 books on my Filling in the Gaps list -- 0/12
5. Read 12 books on the New Classics list -- 0/12
6. Read 10 category romances that have been sitting on my shelf forever! -- 0/10
7. Read 10 books for Around the World in 80 Books -- 0/10
8. Read 1 book in each Dewey Decimal classification -- 0/10
9. Read 10 1001 Books -- 0/10
10. Read 5 hardbacks on my shelves -- 0/5
11. Read 5 books for Booking Around the States -- 0/5
12. Read 5 books from my Trade Paperback shelf -- 0/5

And, of course, all these books will have to be fit into Goodread's Seasonal Reading Challenge. If you're looking for the ultimate reading challenge, check it out. It's a doozy ;o).

That's it for me. What about you? Do you have particular reading goals you plan to concentrate on for 2011? If so, tell me about them!


Suey said...

My goals for this year are going to be very low key. I'm not really going to do any challenges, maybe a couple... and I'm going to try and read tons more from my shelves, and allow myself to be very spontaneous. I'm excited! :)

Kristi said...

I agree -- more from my shelves!! ;o) I have way too many books...

Cheryl said...

My goal is 130 books this year. I am trying to read the books off my shelves first! The more I read off my shelves though the more books I add to my shelves!