Sunday, December 7, 2008

Over My Head by Claudia Osborn

Title: Over My Head

Author: Claudia Osborn

# pages: 232

Date published: 1998

Genre: non-fiction (memoir)

Challenge(s): A Well-Rounded Challenge, In Their Shoes, TBR Challenge, 888 (non-fiction), From the Stacks



First Sentence:

“A blast of music from WABC-FM blew my eyes open.”

What Is It All About? In Over My Head, Claudia Osborn, a medical professor and physician, chronicles her struggle through rehabilitation after suffering a traumatic brain injury. It’s a remarkable story.

Favorite quote(s):

“I stood on the curb poised for action but without a glimmer of an idea as to what to do. My thinking was on hold, my mind blank. I was “flooding.”

Flooding is an organic problem caused by the injury. When it happens, my thinking becomes painfully slow and ineffectural, and I am easily confused.” (p. 61)

Recommended for readers who: are interested in learning more about how the brain works, anyone who has been touched by traumatic brain injury, or anyone who is interested in how people can reinvent themselves and lead happy, fulfilling lives after tragedy.

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Jeane said...

I'm interested in this kind of book. Thanks for the review.