Friday, June 19, 2009

Let the Bloggiesta Begin!

Anyone else behind in book reviews? How about blog-keeping? I certainly am! That’s why I’ve decided to take part in the challenge that Natasha at Maw Books has come up with: Bloggiesta. The idea is to spend some time taking care of all those pesky blogging details. The challenge actually started at 8 am this morning, but I did have a little work that I needed to get done first so I’m starting now (about 2 pm EST). The challenge ends 8 am Sunday (with wrap-up posts posted by noon) when Nataha will put up a finish line on her blog. In this time, I’m going to shoot for 12 solid hours of blog-keeping business.

Here are some of my to-dos:

  1. Catch up on reviews (I have 4 of them outstanding) -- 2 down; 2 to go
  2. Post the rules for the What an Animal II challenge
  3. Participate in some of the Bloggiesta mini-challenges --
  1. Hunt down and fix broken links/missing pictures
  2. Make graphics for monthly roundup posts
  3. Figure out how to install a “follow me on Twitter” button
  4. Make sure reviews are linked in all challenge lists
  5. Clean up sidebars - delete dead ends and add active challenges
  6. Visit other Bloggesta participants
  7. Visit booky blogs in my Google Reader (and clear out posts) -- OK, I've spent the last 3 hours doing this! Luckily it is part of one of the mini-challenges, too. But if I don't stop with the Google Reader I'm never going to get anything done on MY blog so I'll get back to C-Z blogs later.
Time spent Bloggiestaing: 8.5 hours

I’m sure I’ll add to this list as I poke around my blog (and find other things that need to be fixed) and participate in the mini-challenges. I’ll come back to this post and cross off things as I do them and update the time spent Bloggiestaing as I go along.

What about you? Do you have any blog-keeping tasks that need to be addressed? If you do, why not head over to Maw Books and join us? (And if you don’t, tell me how you do it all!) Did I mention that there are prizes? Come on, you know you want to join us - there will be virtual margaritas later (possibly sooner rather than later, depending on how all of this goes ;o))...


Louise said...

I am going to much of the same bloggiesta-things you are :-) Great list. I am probably going to add to mine over the weekend though, because I get inspired from all the ohter blogs I am reading.

Maw Books said...

Great list! I keep adding to mine too after seeing what everybody else is doing. Good luck!

Booklogged said...

That's a worthy list! Best of luck - hope you accomplish them all.

Beth F said...

Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with it! You have a great list, keep it going :0)