Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Pirate Looks at Fifty by Jimmy Buffett

Title: A Pirate Looks at Fifty

Author: Jimmy Buffett

# pages: 458

Date published: 1998

Genre: non-fiction (memoir)

Challenge(s): In Their Shoes Challenge, 888 Challenge



First Sentence:

“When I was growing up in Alabama, the beginning of the new school year was a bad time.”

What Is It About? A Pirate Looks at Fifty is basically a travelogue of a trip Buffett and his family took around the Caribbean during his fiftieth year. Along the way, he describes his philosophy of life, dabbles in his past, and tells stories that express his love for his children, wife, music, water, fishing and airplanes (not necessarily in that order).

Random Thoughts: I’ve talked to a few people who had trouble getting into this book. I can see that. For me, the book worked best read as a set of essays. I read two or three sections a night and, overall, I enjoyed this peek into the singer’s head. If you’re a Parrothead or have Parrothead leanings, I’d highly recommend it.

Favorite quote(s):

“In life as in surfing, there are waves that if you dare to ride them will kill you, and there are waves that will give you the ride of your life. […] all we are really doing in our short time on this big round ball is paddling around trying to figure out which ones are which.” (p. 258)

“If you are a Christian or a Jew, then Bethlehem is your place. If te steel drum is your baby, then Laventille is the cradle, and let me tell you, it rocks.” (p. 397)

Fun tidbits:

“What if the hokey pokey
Is all it really is about”

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