Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts


Title: The Pagan Stone
Author: Nora Roberts
# pages: 305
Date published: 2008
Genre: paranormal romance
Series: 3rd book in the Sign of Seven trilogy (1st book: Blood Brothers, 2nd book: The Hollow)
Challenge(s): 100+ Challenge, 999 Challenge, Read Your Own Books (RYOB) Challenge, Countdown Challenge, Pages Read Challenge

Rating: (loved it!)


First sentence:

“The dream woke him at dawn, and that was a pisser.”

What is it all about? The third, and final, book of the Sign of Seven trilogy is Gage and Cybil’s story (and my favorite of the three). This is the end of the road for the six friends. They will either defeat the demon that turns their small Maryland town of Hawkins Hollow into the scene of deadly chaos every seven years or they will die trying. As with most of Roberts’ books, the characters are well drawn and I find myself really caring about what happens to them.

I’ve read some reviews where people complained that the men in the Sign of Seven books were basically the same as the brothers in her Chesapeake Bay trilogy (which later turned out to have 4 books in it instead of 3). I can see the similarities, but I don’t think I really care (and it didn’t occur to me while reading, only after I read the reviews that they were similar). The Chesapeake Bay trilogy (Sea Swept, Rising Tide, Inner Harbor, and Chesapeake Blue) is one of my favorites of hers. And while the “brothers” in this trilogy did share some characteristics with the men in that series, it’s not like she’s telling the same story and I enjoyed the characters in this set of books in their own right as well.

Fun tidbits:
  1. Nora Roberts Website
Recommended for readers who like: paranormal romance and character-driven books


Marg said...

It's interesting to hear that comparison ot the Chesapeake Bay books. I don't really see it myself - it is a very different story, although I guess it isn't all that surprising that there would be similarities

Alaine said...

I haven't read this series yet but after reading your review I will. Thanks, great review!