Friday, October 19, 2007

I Lied

OK, I lied about Book around the States being the last challenge I’d join in 2007. So, sue me, I didn’t know I was lying at the time! I just found out about a new challenge that will fit in very nicely with my end-of-the-year reading goals. The challenge is called the Baby Steps Challenge. Heather (aka Madame Rubies) has set up a blog called The Nattie Challenge in the memory of her friend Natalie Rose York. I didn’t know Natalie, but from the posts and comments I’ve read on her blog, it seems like she was a really cool person and way too young to die.

The idea behind the Baby Steps Challenge is to pick 3 books and read them before the end of 2007. The 3 books I’ve picked have been lingering on my bookshelves for way too long and I need to read them before the end of 2007 anyway in order to complete other challenges. The books I’ve chosen are:

1. Booked to Die by John Dunning – also reading for the Bibliography, Series & Casual Challenges
2. Rip Tide by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child – also reading for the Seafaring Challenge
3. Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts – also reading for the Series Challenge

***COMPLETED 12/7/07***

I’m not saying anything more about not entering new challenges ;>). Especially since I just found out about the Hometown challenge…

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Madame Rubies said...

I am glad you are joining us. :) Nattie was a wonderful lovely lady. I miss her.

The hometown challenge? That sounds interesting.