Friday, July 4, 2008

Book Blowout Challenge Mini-Challenge 1 - Intro

The July Book Blowout started on Tuesday June, 1. Mrs S at Blue Archipelago asked participants to introduce themselves, so here goes:

1. Describe yourself in one sentence. I am an obsessed reader/challenge joiner/book blog reader/freelance writer/ researcher/ life-long learner/animal-lover/sailor/water and beach-lover/and loving wife. Not necessarily in that order ;>).

2. What book will you start the challenge with? I'm starting with Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos. I've just finished her first book, Love Walked In. Cornelia Brown, the main character in Belong to Me was first introduced in Love Walked In.

3. Where is your favourite place to read? Curled up in my reading chair with one kitty in my lap and the other on the ottoman at my feet. My reading chair is in the corner of my office, has a dedicated reading light and is within arms reach of my bookshelf that holds all my challenge books.

4. What is your favourite book of all time? I'm sure you already know that this is an impossible question. But, I'm sure it was something by either John Steinbeck or Nora Roberts ;>0. Or, possibly, Bill Bryson. My June favorite was Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. See? Impossible question...

5. Remind us all of your challenge target. I'm going to try to get through 10 books this month. That's how many I read in June (with the help of the 48-hour reading challenge).


Jen said...

Kristi, how do you get your strikethrough to work on your border columns? I have tried the html tags s, strike, and del and blogger won't take any of those for me. What are you using?

Shon said...

I like your descriptive sentence. Your favorite reading place sounds nice. My cats are usually curled up with me too. Although, they try to sit on top of my book, but that's another comment for another time.

Mrs S said...

I'm a beach lover too - and really want to read those Santos books :)

Cindy W said...

I saw that you are a part of the July book blowout. I just joined! I am also from St. Pete. You are welcome to join our group, readers of romance challenges. Our blog is

Come check it out. The Fall challenge will be announced in the next day or so!