Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Casual Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

MizB started this challenge on October 1, 2007. It’s one of the first challenges I joined. I started Passion for the Page just five days later ;o). By finishing Welcome to the Great Mysterious, I also finished this challenge. Here are all the relevant statistics:

Books read: 6

1. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer – 3 roses (good)

2. Booked to Die by John Dunning – 5 roses (one of the best)

3. Right from the Gecko by Cynthia Baxter – 1 rose (not my favorite)

4. Welcome to the Great Mysterious by Lorna Landvik – 3.5 roses (very good)

5. A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber – 4.5 roses (highly recommended)

6. Shore Lights by Barbara Bretton – 4 roses (excellent)

Favorite book of the challenge: I really enjoyed Booked to Die by John Dunning. This is the first book in the Janeway series and my favorite of that series. This is followed closely by Debbie macomber’s A Good Yarn (the 2nd in a series).

Least favorite book of the challenge: Right from the Gecko

Any new authors read in this challenge? All were new authors to me except Lorna Landvik and Debbie Macomber. Since the beginning of this challenge, I’ve read all of the books in John Dunning’s Janeway series and Debbie Macomber’s knitting series.

What I learned: I have a hard time finishing books when I cannot understand a character’s motivation (Right from the Gecko) or if I just don’t relate to a character in some way (Twilight). And you cannot judge a book by its cover (Right from the Gecko).

Would you do this one again if it were offered next year? Definitely.

Thanks for hosting this challenge, MizB! I enjoyed picking and reading books for it.

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